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A combination of the classic number puzzle and board game

The developer known for producing the hit sequel board gameThe Game of Life 2, has released another game. This time, however,  it features one of the greatest brain teaser puzzles for epic gameplay experience. Monopoly Sudoku is a premium puzzle game developed by Marmalade Studio. This game is ad-free and contains no in-game transactions. With this, you can have unlimited access without worrying about further payment or interruptions.

Play with others

There are no better opponents than actual players behind it. Monopoly Sudoku offers a lot of multiplayer game modes. You can challenge any of your friends or members of your family into a head-to-head match. Distant opponents across the world can also be invited to the battle of brains. Various daily challenges and multiplayer duels can greatly help you to level up. If you wish to see your name in the hall of fame of the leaderboards, you shouldn’t miss out on joining the seasonal championships.

Here, you’ll only be able to play a solo during your practice mode. In the Sudoku School, you can read up all the essential tips and tricks in solving Sudoku grids. It is important for you to take note of this as you can use it as an advantage to your opponents whenever needed. 

Every multiplayer grid that you complete in this will allow you to increase your hotel level and roll the dice. As you move along the monopoly board, you’ll be able to unlock new avatars and tokens. Avatars, player pieces, and tokens are the best way to show off the progress that you made in this game. Your opponents could recognize your capability best when you acquire all these things.

Rewarding experience

If you want to experience a game that will push to rack your brain with its challenging collection of number puzzles, Monopoly Sudoku is highly suggested for you. It also offers satisfying rewards with its monopoly board game as every Sudoku grid you successfully finish will give you a chance to level up and roll the dices. With its premium license, you can expect ad-free gameplay and unlimited access to all its game features.


  • Sudoku puzzle and monopoly board play in one game
  • Tons of multiplayer game mode
  • Ad-free
  • Unlimited access to all game features


  • Contains bugs


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Monopoly Sudoku


Monopoly Sudoku 0.1.3-locs-update for iPhone


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